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2022 End of Year Update!

This January will mark one full year of business for Devon’s Dog Sitting LLC. It has been quite the year, and I have every single one of you to thank for that! Thank you for trusting me to care for your fur babies and for welcoming me into your homes. I feel so lucky to have cultivated such a wonderful client base, and each of you means so much to this little entrepreneur. I never thought I could make pet care my full-time gig, but now I can’t imagine any other way to spend my days. Learning and growing daily as a pet care professional and a small business owner has been so rewarding and transformative.

The past year was full of milestones for Devon’s Dog Sitting, and I’d like to take a moment to share some of our accomplishments with you!

In 2022, I…

  • Registered Devon's Dog Sitting as an LLC

  • Obtained pet care insurance

  • Got certified for pet first aid and CPR

  • Began to grow the Devon's Dog Sitting pet care team

  • Built my website from scratch

  • Consulted with the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center

  • Streamlined bookings and invoices with PetPocketbook

  • Filled my schedule with extraordinary clients like you!

I wanted to take this opportunity to do some housekeeping to start the new year off right. Please take a look at our service updates and policy reminders below!

  • Utilize your PetPocketbook Account: A big thank you to everyone for using your PetPocketbook account to schedule and send messages! Using your PetPocketbook account allows me to provide better and more organized care for your pets. That being said, I will no longer be taking bookings through text. I know there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using new software, so I am very grateful to you for taking the time to learn how to use it. Please use your PetPocketbook messaging to ask questions and inquire about availability, and use the booking system to request appointments. I have had a few instances where the request has been made through text and almost forgotten about, and that is the last thing I want to happen, but with upwards of 100 of pets to keep track of these days, it is important that you make sure your own pet’s schedule is updated and accurate. If you are still not using your account to its fullest potential, please send me a message or an email ( with any questions you may have.

  • Appointment Pick Up Window: On the appointments on PetPocketbook, when you request and after it has been confirmed, there is a window of time that says “arrival window.” This is the period of time that I will arrive in to see your pet - this allows for flexibility for me to rearrange my day and fit more visits in by reducing my time driving back and forth between clients. It is really important that the entire window on your appointment be doable for your pet. If your window says “11pm-2pm” but your dog cannot wait until 2pm for me to arrive, please be sure to have a conversation with me so we can make sure your dog is being seen when they need to be, whether that be shifting the three-hour window or seeing if a smaller arrival window is possible. When requesting, if you need a specific arrival time, or if their timing is more lenient, please add a note in the “special instructions” section and I will let you know if that is something we are able to fulfill.

  • Growing Our Team: Some of you and your pets have gotten to know Jess, a UNH senior who has been on our team for the last few months, and I am so excited for her that she will be studying abroad in New Zealand next semester. Unfortunately for us, that means we will no longer have her as a part of the team. I am beginning my search for a few new team members, but as you can imagine, I am very particular about who I bring onto this team. Until I find someone new, the opportunities and availability will be limited to just my schedule until I am able to find a passionate, reliable person to take over while Jess is gone. The search begins now, and I plan to build a team that I can be proud of.

  • Winter Walking Safety: Walking time will be limited based on the temperature outside. If the temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, walks will be limited to 15 minutes outside and 15 minutes inside. Depending on your pup, anything below 20 degrees will be a quick outdoor potty break and then play time inside. If your dog wears a jacket or boots, please have them ready with your dog’s leash. We will pay attention to your dog and how they are interacting with the weather and be sure not to keep them outside longer than they are comfortable.

  • Overnights: I have thought long and hard about this, but I (Devon) will personally no longer be offering overnights in the new year. In lieu of overnights, I have been offering a service called Bed and Breakfast, which is becoming more of a standard in the industry. The Bed and Breakfast service includes a breakfast and a dinner visit, which can be purchased in various packages (listed below). For dogs who are not able to stay home alone overnight, I intend to reach a point very soon where I have team members to provide that service to the standard of care I have always provided.

  • Updated Rates and New Services: Beginning January 1, our new rates will go into effect. This includes drop-ins booked prior to January 1. Overnights will be honored at the price they were booked at. Check out the list below for new services, and we are hoping to add more as time goes on.

Drop In Visits

15 min visit: $18*

30 min visit: $25

45 min visit: $35*

60 min visit: $45*

120 min puppy care (for puppies under 6 months): $85*

30 min Enrichment Visit: $35

Pet Taxi: $25 +$2/mile over 6 miles*

Additional Charge per pet: $5

Additional Charge per pet under 6 months: $5

Bed and Breakfast:

Package 1: $70

One-Hour PM Visit (arrival between 7pm-10pm) and 30-Minute AM Visit (arrival between 7am-9am)

Package 2: $85 (Save $5)

One-Hour PM Visit (arrival between 7pm-10pm) and One-Hour AM Visit (arrival between 7am-9am)

Package 3: $100 (Save $15)

Two Hour PM Visit (arrival between 6pm-9pm) and One-Hour AM Visit (arrival between 7am-9am)

As of now, overnights will be available based on availability from my team members. Please reach out with any inquiries and I will try to fulfill them.

(rates listed above are the starting rates for each service and subject to change)

(*indicates new rate)

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am so looking forward to the new year and all the cuddles and walks that await me in the near future!

With love,

Devon and Gemma

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