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Drop Ins

This is my most booked service! Drop in visits can entail many different things and can be booked for various amounts of time. Whether you are booking 15, 30, or 60 minutes, your pet will be showered with (their desired amount of) affection and love. The way we spend our time is up to you! Would you like your dog to be walked around the neighborhood? Do you want your cat to have some midday company? Do food bowls need to be filled and water refreshed? We will make sure that no matter how much time you book with us, your pet will get the most out of it.

Different Types of Drop Ins Include:

- 15 minute relief visit for dogs

- 15 minute maintenance visit for cats

- 30+ minute drop in visit for all pets

- Dog walking

- Hourly puppy-sitting

- Enrichment Visits // learn more

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For pet owners looking for a reliable, communicative, and loving sitter to take care of their pets while they are away, this service is the perfect solution. Our vacation care is a customizable combination of breakfast, midday, and dinner visits in various lengths that work best for your pet's needs! Check out the list below to see not only some of the benefits of leaving your dog at home as opposed to a kennel, but why choosing Devon's Dogs Sitting is a great choice for you and your family:

- The familiarity of their own home is comforting to your pets while you are away

- Your pet will maintain as close to their normal routine as possible

- No worries about any of the potential hazards associated with a boarding in a kennel

- We are fully bonded and insured to protect both your pup and your home

- If your dog is dog friendly and we are given the go ahead, they will have socialization with Gemma when she joins us for visits! 

Enrichment Visit

Enrichment visits are a new service in the Devon's Dog Sitting canon, but a service I am very excited to begin providing! Mental stimulation can be just as exhausting as physical exertion.

Some enrichment activities include:

- Puzzles of various complexity

- Snufflemat adventures (can be used to feed an entire meal!)

- Training reinforcement

- Supervised lick mat time

- Please note** if your pet has allergies or food restrictions, please provide low k-cal treats!

Pet Taxi

Vets, day cares, and groomers are booked months out these days! It can be hard to coordinate an appointment with a time you are available to bring your pet. This is where the pet taxi comes in! We do pick ups and drop offs and the drive is equipped with a seatbelt that attaches to your pet's harness for extra safety. 

Add ons

Services provided by Devon's Dog Sitting are completely customizable and flexible to your needs. If you do not see the service you are looking for listed below, reach out and we will talk about if we can make it happen for you!

- Socialization with Gemma for walks and drop ins

- Event Care - Photoshoot Pet Handling, Wedding Doggy Date, etc.

- Hourly puppy-sitting

- Pet-less house sitting

- Watering plants and garden care (with detailed instructions, please!)

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